For how long can one take hormonal medicines?

hormonal medicines

Being honest hormonal problems are majorly seen in women. though men also suffer from hormonal imbalances, but they go unnoticed and seldom, proper interventions are done. If you are making an effort to move from conventional mode to organic, then, in short, you are trying to synchronize your lifestyle with your cycle, along with taking necessary steps to bring your hormonal health right back on the track.

Several Doctors dealing in gynecological treatments and endocrinologists agree to the fact that hormone therapy actually supports women experiencing problems in life due to menopausal symptoms.

Doctors recommended the treatment using estrogen and progestin or similar analogues for those women having a uterus. These therapies need to be under strict observation and with proper follow ups and investigations periodically. Doctors also agreed to the fact that for certain group of women, the risks associated with hormone therapy actually exceeds over and above the benefits it offers.

Few doctors disagree on the following points:

  • Which women require hormone therapy?
  • At what time they may need it?
  • Why will they need it?
  • When to start hormone therapy?
  • When to stop hormone therapy?

There are few doctors who consider hormone therapy as one of the best ways to keep women’s bone health good and for maintaining natural sexual functionality because the estrogen level starts to lower down in the body. Many said that Hormone therapy mostly the long-term one can create a risk for heart, strokes, as well as cancer.

If you are taking hormonal medicines to treat problems associated with menopause, PCOS or for balancing the level of estrogen in the body then you must know how long you can take them. Your doctor associated with integrative medicine clinic needs to check your hormone level after every 3 to 6 months time to decide if you are still in need of this medication or not. In case you are taking hormone medication for preventing thinning of your bones (osteoporosis), then in that case doctor will recommend you to take it for a longer duration. At the time of giving a blood test for hormone level check, you need to intimate the lab technician about your ongoing hormone medication as such medication may cause interference in such tests.

In short, we can conclude that how long and for what purpose you will be taking hormone medicines will vary from one case to another. All that you need to ensure is that you follow the instructions of the doctor treating you and continue or stop the medications based on his/her instructions.

It is important not to abuse the modern medicine based hormonal therapies, in Dr Aman’s opinion they can and should be used sparingly, and the underlying causes influencing the hormone health need to be corrected. The role of “stress” and mental and emotional health is paramount in influencing the hormones. So managing the mental and spiritual health may be key for many patients to bring the balance back into hormones and overall health in turn.

A consultation for a holistic and complete understanding of the problems related to women’s hormone health can be scheduled at our Dermatology clinic in Delhi and in Gurgaon.

Lab investigation also play an important role in defining the and diagnosis hormonal health parameters , but they are not absolute indicators, a good clinical assessment is still very important. There are many instances where hormones are completely normal but clinical signs and symptoms point to an imbalance in hormones. This may be related to end organ sensitivity.

The Various naturopathic and Therapeutic methods of Yoga based interventions may really help , in most cases.


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