stretch marks

There are plenty of women in this world for whom, stretch marks proved to be unpleasant after effect of pregnancy. Well, the reason for stretch mark is not restricted to pregnancy and even bodybuilders, as well almost anyone can have it because of sudden gain or loss of weight. There are many teenagers who are unlucky to have it during their growing age of puberty.

It’s important to maintain a stable weight with needed care for the skin to control stretch marks. But the honest truth is that hormonal changes in addition to heredity play an important role in the development of the stretch marks.

Is there any way out to get rid of these marks will be the question that will come to your mind. Many are recommending going for laser treatment for stretch mark removal. One thing we need to understand here and that is laser cannot make complete removal of the marks. It can only minimize its visibility to a great extent.

Stretch marks are basically a permanent change of the dermis and erasing of it completely is not possible. Because of huge advancement in the medical industry now laser treatments can reduce the depth of marks in many patients. The rate of improvement varies between 20 to 50%. During conducting the procedure, beams of light projected on the area in concentrated amounts. This is done in order to encourage new skin layer growth. In short, it smooths out the skin of that area, by reducing their appearance. Reputed skincare clinic in Delhi is offering lasers stretch marks removal treatments.

Whatever change you get to see is because of enhancement in the production of collagen as well as elastin in the dermal layer of your skin. Laser treatment is more effective on immature stretch marks. Getting it done on the matured stretch mark is just a waste of money and effort. People with dark skin are not recommended for stretch marks laser treatment because of the risk of hyperpigmentation on the skin. The best part of this laser treatment is that it is a noninvasive treatment, as there is no need for any surgical incisions on the skin. This feature of this treatment speeds up the time of recovery.


Based on the type of laser used the whole procedure will take around 30 to 90 minutes. Your skin may show a pinkish red color after the treatment, but that is normal and will fade out with time.

Even for older stretch marks and in darker skin now there are non ablative fractional lasers which are safer and also effective in treating stretch marks. With the advent of such technologies the above mentioned risks of hyperpigmentation are reduced significantly.

It is important to understand that underlying hormonal and nutritional factors are very important to be treated.

At Sparsh Heal Thyself, fractional laser in delhi and same treatment of Non Ablative Fractional laser in gurgaon , are available at both the places and always under the guidance of a skin physician or dermatologist.

Choice of laser is important when we treat stretch marks, and the Technique of treatment is important. It is important to treat skin both superficially and deeply , while treating stretch marks, the exact energy and choice of laser and settings, come with experience of use of laser. Dr Aman and other Skin physicians like Dr Alpna and everyone else in the team is well versed in use of such devices of treating the skin condition.

It is also important to have availability of all technologies for best management of stretch marks


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