Diet and Foods causing Pimples and Acne Treatment

Diet and Foods

Acne is a very common skin condition which affects around 10 percent of the total population of the world and which can happen to a person of any age. There are a number of factors which contribute to the growth and development of acne in the body. Some of these factors include the production of keratin and sebum, acne-causing bacteria, hormones, the pores which are blocked, and inflammation.

According to the dermatologists for acne treatment in gurgaon, there is a link between the acne and the diet. This link is a little controversial, however, recent research has proved that diet plays an integral part in the development of acne.

The following diet and food habits develop acne in people:

  • Grains and sugars:

According to the doctors providing pimples and acne treatment in Delhi, people who consume more refined carbohydrates, grains, and sugars are more prone to the development of acne in the body. The food items which are rich in carbohydrates are pasta, bread, crackers, cereal or desserts made of white flour, white rice, sodas, and other sugar-sweetened beverages, etc. Another study has confirmed that people who consume added sugars develop 30 percent risk of acne. Also it is not the same for every and all body types, a common argument is that some people abuse diet and still don’t get pimples, the reason is difference in their body types, it is important to understand the synergy between diet and body type.

  • Dairy products:

A number of studies have claimed a link between the milk products and the severity of acne, especially in teenagers. People who regularly involve themselves with the consumption of milk or ice cream are found to be developing acne very quickly. This is because milk increases the levels of insulin which worsens the severity of acne. This is the reason why dermatologists doing acne treatment in Delhi always suggests to stay away from the consumption of milk.

  • Fast food and junk food:

The development of acne is strongly associated with consuming a Western-style diet that is rich in fat, calories as well as refined carbohydrates. Fast food and junk food add to the risk of developing severe acne in the body of a person. The food items such as hot dogs, nuggets, burgers, French fries, sodas, etc. are mainstay items that increase the risk of acne in the people.

  • Chocolate:

Chocolate is also one of the reasons why teenagers develop acne. Several informal surveys have also linked the consumption of chocolate with an increased risk of developing acne, especially in young people. The exact reason behind chocolate causing acne in people is not clear, however, according to a study, eating chocolate tends to increase the reactivity of the immune system to cause acne bacteria which further develops acne on to the skin.

  1. Long hours of fasting and then binge eating contribute to the eruptions also as they play around with serum insulin and serum cortisol levels. It is best suited to choose methods of fasting under the guidance of a holistic or alternative medicine practitioner rather than choosing to do intermittent fasting or dry fasting based on internet education.

The acne treatment in Delhi always suggests staying away from these foods and balancing lifestyle in order to keep the skin clear and healthy. A little detox , naturopathic or Yogic can really help in reversing adverse effects of altered lifestyle.



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