Dermaplaning is known to be a safe and simple procedure that helps to exfoliate the epidermis, thereby helping you get rid of the fine vellus hair or peach fuzz. This cosmetic procedure has been used for a long time now. A number of people opt for dermaplaning in Delhi in order to get rid of the extra facial hair growth.

The process of Dermaplaning in gurgaon is performed by the expert skincare professionals who make the use of this treatment within the scope of their practice. A number of people usually confuse dermaplaning with dermabrasion and hence give up the idea of opting for this treatment. As a matter of fact, both these procedures are totally different from each other. During dermabrasion, the skin is abraded down to the dermis using a whislike device. This procedure includes a number of complications such as scarring and infections. On the other hand, dermaplaning is known to be a simple procedure of shaving the epidermis.

As dermaplaning in Delhi happens to be a quick procedure, there are very few to no adverse effects associated with this skin treatment. Dermatologists make the use of a scalpel and a delicate touch to abrade the surface of the skin using light feathering strokes. This treatment is completely safe in nature, even for the women who are pregnant or nursing and who are looking forward to getting a deep exfoliation treatment without the involvement of chemicals into the same.

The opinion of dermatologists on dermaplaning:

According to all the dermatologists performing dermaplaning in Delhi, this treatment is a safe measure using which a person can get rid of the extra facial hairs or vellus. However, it is also important to state that dermaplaning doesn’t entertain any therapeutic benefit for the skin. This treatment is not a great idea for the people who suffer from facial acne as it can irritate the acne, thereby making it worse.

Is dermaplaning safe during infections?

According to the dermatologists and skin physicians performing dermaplaning in Delhi, one should not look forward to availing the treatment of dermaplaning if they are suffering from any kind of infection. Also, dermaplaning may not be an option to go for when you have a hormone imbalance. Hence, the treatment of dermaplaning shall be avoided on instances such as infection, facial acne, and hormonal imbalance. Women with sensitive skin, too, may not be able to tolerate this procedure.

A skin specialist near me , also says to avoid the process during a bout of seborrhoeic dermatitis.

For all the women who are seeking this treatment, it is important to know everything about the procedure before you opt the same. Along with dermaplanning some skin clinics combine soothing facials like, hydrafacial or medifacial or calming gua- sha facials.

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