Cracked Heels

Most people think of Cracked heels treatment as ugly and are known to self affect a lady’s confidence. It can make you feel unattractive and you feel conscious to wear the footwear that reveals your feet. But Here AT SPARSH Heal Thyself, WE FEEL DIFFERENTLY. We strongly recommend and feel that you should not feel this way and understand that , the Cracked heels my just be a result of some underlying hormonal or nutritional issues. Since cracked heels are not a disease and it is an outcome that can be treated, you can visit a skin specialist in Delhi and get the treatment done. There are many reasons that can cause cracked heels. Here in this article we have mentioned the causes of cracked heels. So, let us have a look:

  • The most common cause of cracked heels is not applying moisturizer to your feet. The skin under the feet is very dry. It has no oil glands, so it is tough to keep your feet naturally moisturized. Your heels need moisturizer or creams to keep it soft. If you ignore your feet by not applying creams and moisturizer the skin becomes dry and dead. It is inelastic and can get tear quickly. This dead skin cracks because of roughness.
  • Sometimes the cracked heels are the result of lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet. If your diet lacks vitamins and minerals your body will have the deficiency and it is a reason for you must visit a skin specialist in Delhi for your treatment. Vitamins like D3, and E play an important role. But sometimes just taking supplements is not enough, we need to also make sure we take them in right and adequate doses and also absorption of those needs to be kept in mind.
  • Peri menopausal women may experience cracked heels due to the hormonal fluctuation and causes.
  • Standing for long hours makes a pressure on the feet and this is another reason you can get thick skin patches and leads to cracks in your heels.
  • With age the skin becomes thick and the same applies to feet. When you grow old the skin becomes dry, rough and scaly. It also loses the elasticity of skin under the feet and that give s a chance of getting cracks in your heels.
  • Many times there are some medical conditions or diseases that lead to cracked heels. Diseases like Athlete’s foot, psoriasis, and eczema can be the reason of your cracked heels. It can also happen because of thyroid, diabetes and other skin problems. It is a good choice if you visit a skin specialist in Delhi to get the cure for cracked heels.
  • People who suffer from obesity are also suffering from cracked heels in many cases. This is because the body of an obese person lacks flexibility and it puts a lot of weight on the feet. Due to which a pressure is generated that cracks the skin of heels.
  • If you don’t keep your feet clean and your lifestyle lacks hygiene, you will face the problem of cracked heels.

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