Investing in good quality makeup is considered to be one of the most common indulgences of women. Women love to buy makeup products and wear them on a variety of occasions. Furthermore, social media platform like Instagram has taken the craze of makeup to a different level. Consequently, a number of women are buying and putting on different kinds of makeup to feel good about themselves.

But do you know that one can be allergic to makeup as well?

According to the skincare experts of a famous skin clinic in Delhi, there are certain instances that might signal you towards makeup allergy. Makeup allergy is usually caused by the makeup ingredients which do not suit the skin of a person, thereby causing allergies. For instance, applying a metallic eye-shadow leads to itchy eyes or even lipstick can cause a swollen pout in some women. It is important to address the makeup allergy caused to you and find a way out to deal with the same.

Signs of makeup allergy:

According to the skincare experts, there are some ingredients present in the skincare products and makeup which can lead to makeup allergy. These ingredients usually end up making your skin dry and flaky and cause a number of other problems as well.

The dermatologists of a famous skin clinic in Delhi consider that makeup allergy usually causes your skin to become red, itchy, and flaky. This may also lead to cracks and blisters on  the skin in the most severe cases. An allergic reaction from makeup is known as allergic contact dermatitis. Makeup allergy or allergic contact dermatitis is very common around the skin surrounding the eyes. This is because the skin around the eyes is the thinnest, thereby becoming more vulnerable to the allergies and reactions. The skincare experts further suggest that in some cases the reaction doesn’t always appear right way. Sometimes, it could even take weeks, months, or years to develop a certain makeup allergy.

Who is prone to makeup allergy?

There are several factors which define a person’s vulnerability to makeup allergy. These factors include environment, genetics, skin integrity as well as the amount of exposure to a certain ingredient or a makeup product. People having sensitive skin are more vulnerable to developing makeup allergy.

Ingredients to avoid:

According to the experts of skin clinic in Delhi, the most common culprit of makeup allergy is a fragrance. Fragrances usually contain a cocktail of harmful chemicals which could pave way for a number of allergies and infections on to the skin.

Makeup is important, however not everything. It is okay to not put makeup sometimes and let your skin breathe.

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