Hyper pigmentation is an immense issue for some individuals and sometimes, a tough to treat problem for the skin doctor. Hyper pigmentation may actually be a big problem of the skin; basically it is the darkening of skin due to abnormal accumulation of melanin, which is the substance essentially in charge of pigmentation of your skin. There are numerous factors that can cause either straightforwardly or in a roundabout way the presence of hyper pigmentation, yet a standout amongst the most predominant is the injury that can be brought about by shaving, waxing, stringing or ingrown hair.

The pigmentation due to plucking or waxing for coarse hair is preventable with use of laser hair removal technology, in fact the diode laser for hair removal was invented and tested first for this skin problem.

Hyper pigmentation can be solved By Laser Hair Removal Treatments ??

Hyper pigmentation is the body’s reaction to gentle injury that happens consistently, which thusly makes the skin obscure up by means of the aggregation of melanin. Having said this, it would nearly appear that hyper pigmentation is unavoidable; neither shaving nor waxing is something that many people are set up to do. Fortunately, there is an answer that includes the removal of hair and furthermore wipes out the danger of hyper pigmentation with the help of best doctor for pigmentation in Delhi that can do the best laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi. Though the same laser device may not help in most cases , but the use of Alexandrite laser hair removal and some other wavelengths are also documented to lighten the skin by using such technologies. it is best to consult a dermatologist nearby to understand at length about the nitty gritty and in depth information about such technologies.

Laser hair removal is the response to the issues of post waxing eruptions and pigmentation due to plucking etc: in the event that you had no hair in a portion of these zones there would be no scope for injury and accordingly, hyper pigmentation would not be an issue. Laser hair removal works by means of warming up the foundation of your undesirable hair to the point where the hair enters a non-functioning stage and after a couple of treatments, will never again develop. That is the reason laser hair removal maybe  an extraordinary hyperpigmentation treatment for select cases.

Laser hair removal can be performed in all areas of the body, majorly for the parts you shave or wax: underarms, two-piece region, legs, arms, and face. In spite of the fact that hyper pigmentation isn’t a hazardous condition it very well may be disturbing for some. Most would not have any desire to forfeit hairless skin to just stay away from hyper pigmentation and laser hair removal offers the ideal mechanism for managing this issue head-on. Abstain from exacting harm to your skin by steady shaving, waxing or tweezing and bleaching chemically, rather select to deal with the issue for the last time. Smooth hairless skin can be a reality for you on the off chance that you take a risk!

Can all pigment be treated by laser hair removal?

No not all pigment, in fact for some types of pigmented skin laser hair removal may be contraindicated, talk to your dermatologist or skin doctor to understand if it is safe for you. Avoid at all costs getting laser hair removal done from commercially run and non dermatologist operated centres. 

Your skin doctor in delhi or gurgaon or any skin specialist near you will be able to best evaluate this and may give you simple and steroid free skin lightening agents before laser hair removal. This will enhance the results. Dr Alpna Das , a skin physician doing laser hair removal treatments for past 14 years,  at DLF gurgaon suggests patients to be very cautious when planning hair removal on pigmented skin, never without seeing a skin physician or dermatologist in person. 

Is Dermaplaning same as laser hair removal?

Definitely no, dermaplaning gives immediate and instant results but laser hair reduction offers permanent reduction. but for extremely dark skin where suitable technology is not available the simple process of dermaplaning may be a great idea. Even for Dermaplaning proper hygiene and practice of all sterile precautions is important, even this procedure is best done reliably by an expert nurse practitioner or skin doctor. Dermaplanning is done by Dr Shalini at sparsh skin clinic in khan market.


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