Boils And Skin Infections Treatment During The Rainy Season

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The sweat and muggy season of rains bring along with it a number of skin problems that can cause both pains as well as irritation. Dr Shalini at sparsh skin clinic in khan market adds that “Sometimes even skin infections treatment or some impending skin infections can cause fever before the eruption or after the eruption”. The conditions such as sweating, discomforting situations like prickly heat, fungal infections, boils, etc. are very common skin problems of the monsoon season. some of the best skin doctors in Delhi suggest the following measures to address different skin problems during the monsoon season:


  • Acne:


Acne is one of the most common skin problems of monsoon season which especially occur in the people with oily skin, when the natural quality of oil is disturbed due to hormonal or environmental factors, Other factors such as a combination of fatty acid mix with the sebum present in the skin, thereby making it vulnerable to the fungal and bacterial infections. Furthermore, the rainwater mixed with the environmental pollutants can makes the situation worse for any person. The best skin specialist in Delhi suggest protecting the skin using salicylic acid-based washes as well as medicated wet wipes. It is further advised to avoid touching the zits and acne as it makes the problem worse by spreading itself. The dermatologist also advises drinking enough water in order to keep skin hydrated.


  • Fungal and other infections:


The infections usually occur on the face as well as areas of the body where skin folds itself. These could be best avoided by keeping the body clean and dry. Itchy rashes, as well as irritation, are the symptoms of the fungal infection which happens during the rainy season. some of The best skin doctor in south Delhi also recommends wearing clothes which are clean and dry. Also, many people make the use of an antiseptic lotion and cold compress but due to the use of antiseptics irritant nature the problem can become worse.


  • Skin allergies:


The most common skin issues happening to a majority of people during the rainy season are several skin allergies, especially when the levels of pollution are high. The commonly affected areas include hands, upper back, and feet. Skin allergies are also caused on the face and the best skin doctor in Delhi recommends the use of antihistamines to address the same. There is also an increase in number of Papular urticaria cases due to a concomitant increase in insect and mosquito population. At Sparsh heal thyself, a skin clinic in khan market and DLF gurgaon, doctors recommend the use of insect repellants on the clothes to prevent such rashes.


  • Eczema:


Eczema is a chronic skin condition where bleeding blisters, itching as well as patches appear on to the skin. The problem aggravates itself during the monsoon season because of the dampness in the weather. Eczema could be treated by the application of salt and magnesium on to the affected areas of the skin. Coconut oil is another effective remedy to treat the same. however coconut oil may not be recommended at all stages of eczema, especially if the eczema is infected then we shouldn’t be using cococnut oil.

Take care of the skin during the monsoon season. Dr. Aman Sharma also lays a lot on emphasis on yoga based seasonal detox carried out routinely at our skin care family physician set up at khan market.


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