Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment And Tips


Every man and woman wants to preserve their youthful looks, and attempts to freeze time and not let age catch up with their physical appearance, this has been the subject of wonder for people for generations. Although, it is not yet possible to stop physical ageing, but there are certain methods by which you can slow down your face from ageing, that is, getting wrinkles, lose facial muscles, etc. This article will outline some such tips for anti-aging skin care treatment.

  • Using a mild face wash

The skin on your face is quite sensitive, so when you are cleaning your face, do remember to use a mild face wash that uses a soft formula and will not be abrasive for your skin. Gentle face washes will use fatty acids which will give your face a good hydration, it will also have green tea which will fight the damage done by free radicals (cell attacking compounds). Cleanse in gentle and circular motions with a light hand, do not scrub aggressively.

  • Use a good sunscreen

You must use a good sunscreen with an SPF of either 30 or higher. It will keep your skin healthy, reduce discoloration and age spots. Use a moisturizing sunscreen to ensure your face remains supple. You can find good skincare products from Aveil. There are some sunscreens offering heat i.e infra red ray protection also. This further has an anti aging effect, ingredients like venusceane or bacillus thermus thermophillus ferment extract are known to give both heat protection and anti aging benefits in a sunscreen.

  • Use a good face cream

Moisturize your face regularly to avoid making it go dry as that give you wrinkles and fine lines. Use a richer face cream which will help in trapping water against your skin and pump up the crevices in your face. you must check with your dermatologist before zeroing on an appropriate product for your skin.

  • Watch your diet

Eat foods which will nourish your skin, do not eat anything which dehydrates the body like alcohol for instance. Foods with high sugar content and white carbohydrates can age your body faster as they break down your body’s glucose. Have more protein in your diet instead like fish, beans, legumes which will help in building stronger collagen. Vitamin C makes the skin look young, so include it in your diet too.

  • Exfoliation

The skin sheds a lot of dead cells on a regular basis, where a new layer gets created every month. But this process slows down with time and can lead to an uneven complexion. As a defence against this, you must exfoliate your skin on weekly basis to get a brighter looking skin. Use scrubs which have round so that you do not find the scrubbing process irritating on your face. Remember that too much scrubbing and exfoliation can be counterproductive and weaken the skin’s barrier, whereas when done appropriately can be a boon.

Anti-aging creams and products:-

There are products marketed for this indication in the market by the dime a dozen. Many of them contain sub-clinical doses of active ingredients. be careful and do a thorough study of ingredient list , and concentrations before choosing one. Be aware and beware for the best results and safety profiles.

Natural oils

Various natural oils , especially coconut oil , and extracted from coconut milk can be a very good option for most cases. There are many oils marketed for the anti ageing purpose too, but one must be aware for an over enthusiastic use may cause more damage than good. choose the oils according to your skin type and needs, for example redness prone skin will do well with oils that have some anti inflammatory property.

Along with all the External anti aging treatment plans the comprehensive Age like a Sage programme using only Natural and naturopathic methods along with increasing the oxygenation and hydration ability of the skin also goes a long way in ture and complete internal and external anti aging plan.

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