Be Holi Ready With These Skin Care Treatment Tips

Skin Care

With the exciting festival of Holi approaching some of us begin to get worried about what will happen to our skin and hair if we play Holi.

To understand skin and hair care during this Great festival it is important to understand that the festival is celebrated change of season, which is around March. This is a time when the skin Is already affected by the climatic factors by the change in the UV index, pollution and plan pollen etc.

There are some pointers to take care of basics of skin care treatment around this time.

  • Ensure skin barrier function by hydrating and moisturising with repair moisturisers a few days priority the play of Holi.
  • Avoid use of bleaches, peel off masks and scrubs at least /-3 days prior to the festival of Holi.
  • Use cold processed coconut oil before bath and face wash daily for some time. This can be kept on the skin for some time or washed off.
  • Use an extremely mild cleanser preferably detergent free like amasde skin cleanser or moiz skin cleanser , to prevent the skin from getting excessively dry post cleaning. There are miscellar water options also available.
  • Eat well and avoid too much spice and alcohol they are always detrimental to skin and hair.
  • Keep hair tied up well and use a silicone based spray or serum to protect hair shafts.
  • Avoid playing with harsh chemical colours and abrasive colours which are for sure toxic and damaging to the skin.
  • In case of a reaction happening we must wash and rinse well and use a hydrocolloid dressing as per dermatologist advice.

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