Allergy skin testing is it really worth it?

Allergy testing

What is an allergy?

Allergies are basically hypersensitive responses which are given by the immune system towards substances which either make an entry or get into contact with the body of some person although harmless for others. The substances which are causing allergy are called allergens and mostly found in dust mites, pollen, pets, insects, molds, ticks, foods as well as some specific medicines. Some of the common types of food which causes allergies are Milk, eggs, shellfish, and nuts besides whey, some specific types of fish and soybean. It is generally found that high protein foods are a more common cause of allergies. If you are planning to get allergy skin  testing done for you without consulting your doctor then avoid doing that as that is not going to give the desired outcome. Many times allergy tests can give a false alarm and false positive results or sometimes false negative results. Getting an allergy test done will not be enough to detect the root cause of the allergy. Free tests or home tests for allergies are may not be reliable and may say you have an allergy when you don’t have any in actual. Getting some wrong allergy test done from the lab on your own may also be an absolute waste of money.

When you get some allergy test done and the report says that you are allergic to some XYZ food all that you do is stop taking all such foods on your own, what mayl happen when you do such things? You will end up having a poor diet which will cause unwanted frustration and make your immune system even weaker than before. Will that be good for you?

If you notice that some allergy symptoms are reflecting in your body, then try to get some relief with self-help steps. You can also go for over-the-counter drugs for fast relief from the allergy. If in case you find that such steps are not at all effective to get rid of the symptoms of allergy, then we recommend you to meet your doctor. Skin allergy doctor in Gurgaon will first go through your past medical records and then will identify the real cause behind the allergy you are having. To be completely sure he may ask for some specific tests to be done to detect the exact allergy reasons. Medicines will be given which can treat the problem and some changes in the diet plan can be recommended. Allergy testing without the consent of the doctor will not be worthy at all as the results may or may not be correct and will waste your money.

The Alternative and holistic concept of allergies believes in some different concepts. It is thought according to naturopathic and alternative system of medicines that the allergy is an internal or innate response of the individual and more focus is on modifying the hyperactivity and hypersensitivity of the immune system from the mind body medicine concept than focusing on the molecular concept of individual allergens.

Some other factors like emotional and other stressful factors are also dealt with while treating allergies. some stresses may be related to the conscious mind or the subconscious mind. These therapies play a a very important role in naturopathic and alternate or yogic systems of medicine.



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