Both the doctor and patients sometimes are perplexed by the recurrences of pimples, despite taking all hormonal tests and doing everything right with the best available medicines and following treatment as advised the acne still reoccur.

It is again important to consider that the acne happening on the skin may just be a reflection of something going wrong inside. Now even the western medicine says that there is big role of acne in diet. Traditionally in Ayurveda, it is thought that stomach ailments or even minor symptoms like ibs, gerd, reflux, constipation, etc. may be related to aggravating or causing acne and pimples.

There is lot of buzz about milk causing pimples, but that is a complicated question and you can talk to one of our doctors to find out what is the answer to such questions for you.

In many women acne flares are seen due to hormonal imbalances, but again we have to target the factors, which cause hormonal imbalances causing acne. Use of medicines targeting hormonal imbalances is also important but it is equally important to use non-hormonal medicines, right supplements and some herbs to treat pimples.

The combination of classical western medicines when combined with simple detox and herbs and herbal food supplements goes a long way in treating the problem.

It is also important to note that improper and unaware faulty breathing, like breath holding which makes us feel low on energy and exhausted easily and unable to sleep properly, influences hormones. These and many other factors need to be managed holistically and by a combination of both simple natural and most modern treatment to get fast treatment results, which are long lasting in treating and curing pimples .

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