We At Sparsh-Heal ThySelf are not only passionate about providing transfer of knowledge of Aesthetic Dermatology, to all qualified seekers but as you will get to know we are thoroughly equipped to do so well.

Many Training centers and company sponsored sessions have cropped up in the country recently, but unlike many, we are not married to any one brand or company, be it the choice of Lasers or use of aesthetic products.

Distinct advantages we have are:-

  • Multiple brands and types of lasers.
  • Free to do hands-on sessions for patients for lasers
  • Can Choose to do Hands-on sessions of Threads, fillers, and toxin
  • Facial aesthetic evaluation is given priority evaluation, as it is the most important part of decision making.
  • Field day in laser across North India option to go in the field visit doctor clinics and Do hands-on therapies on a large number of patients.
  • 7 days Interning with a renowned plastic surgeon at a corporate hospital set up.
  • 7 days internship with an experienced Dental surgeon.
  • Sessions with an Ophthalmologist for peri-ocular fine Anatomy and clinical pearl.
  • Sessions with the doctor, for training in Facial Aesthetics.

Module details

Week 1:- Orientation with Dr. Aman and exposure to the private O.P.D set up, along with holistic and aesthetic dermatology.
Week 2:- Exposure to Laser hair Reduction, Theory, and Practical tips, observing the Practices.
Week 3:- Independent Laser hair reduction using different multiple or platforms of candidates choice
Week 4:- P.R.P, options, choice of patients, dos and don’ts, practice pearls and hands on.
Week 5 and 6:- observation and theory of Fractional 1540 and fractional and non-fractional Nd: Yag Q switched lasers
Week 6:- Practice and theory of ablative laser resurfacing and all previous lasers, and MNRF
Week 7:- Stress management and Breathing techniques for self and patients, with Ex-Jindal Spiritualist and Naturopath, a Therapeutic yoga trainer. Role of diet and principles of diet by body type and diet in Dermatology with an Experienced Dietitian.
Week 8:- Revision of aesthetic evaluation and practicing the skills and evaluated independently.
Week 9 and 10:- Interning with the Dental workstation and plastic surgeon.
Week 11 and 12:- Theory Hands on of fillers, toxin, and thread lifts.


You can fill in the form and contact us for customized training programmes, for specific learning and flexibility of dates, subject to availability etc.

Dr. Aman Sharma

Consultant and Founder

Dr. Alpna Das Sharma

Co Founder

Dr. Vipul Nanda

Plastic Surgeon

Mr. Kaushal Kumar

Founder Samatva Foundation

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