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Yellow Peel Treatment

Yellow Peel Treatment

Yellow Peel is a relatively new addition to a wide range of exfoliative cellular renewal solutions. It is an effective renewal method against many skin conditions like melasma, hyperpigmentation, keratosis and many thick skin conditions. Caused by sun exposure, photoageing or trauma. Being a fast recovery peel, it is a great choice for individuals who wish to avoid any recovery time. As a progressive peel – which means its effect increases with the number of layers applied – it provides an early line of action preceding the deeper laser-based approaches. It delivers the benefits of more aggressive peels without the reddening and swelling associated with them.

Within a few hours after treatment, it enhances circulation and oxygenation of skin. In a few days there is visible cellular renewal and the older skin cells become loosened up and are simply shed off.

How does a Yellow Peel work?

Although in its physical form a peel would make it appear to be a superficial treatment, Yellow Peel actually works much deeper, influencing the action of molecular receptors.

Each of its key ingredients performs a specific set of actions that add up to the overall impact of the Yellow Peel. In totality, it reverses pigmentation, blocks melanin production and starts the process of renewal.

Retinoic acid stimulates the multiplication of new skin cells and balances the secretion of sebum. Some other fruit acids like, Kojic, Phytic, Ferulic and  Azelaic acids can be blended with this yellow peel agent for best results. Each one of them has its unique way of intervening in enzymatic processes, to effectively block the synthesis of pigmentation and its transfer to the surface of the skin. Stabilised Vitamin C acts as an effective adjuvant and  stimulates the synthesis of neo-collagen while also contributing its anti-oxidising properties. 

While the cellular processes seem quite complex, the treatment is surprisingly simple. Yellow Peel treatment starts with a superficial exfoliation one – aimed at removing the outermost layer of dead skin, the stratum corneum on the epidermis.

The Yellow Peel is then applied and left to act on the skin for a period of about 2-12 hours, as directed by our dermatologists. This procedure is repeated at a fixed frequency, typically every 2 weeks, up to 8 times in all.

You will find a difference when you do this process at Sparsh dermatology clinic versus at any other skin care clinic nearby.

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