Soft Detox Treatment

Soft Detox Treatment

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What is a soft Detox Treatment?

A soft Detox treatment refers to a simple do it yourself regimen, meant for the busy professionals or for people who are not willing to take the plunge at complete transformation yet.

A soft Detox generally incorporates minimal step by step changes as per a weekly or a bi weekly plan.

There may be simple things involved like the Naturopathic hydration therapy depending on the state of the body, season, time of the year, place of Residence etc. or there may be other interventions like changing a few meals in a week aur incorporating certain “special foods” in the diet plan.

Does a soft Detox involve multiple visits or day program kind of schedule?

Instead of a complete yogic Detox or Ayurvedic Panchakarma, Detox involves less time, less cost, less effort and much faster recovery time. In a way this is partial or a staggered Detox.

For example, for somebody suffering from eye bags a simple sinus douche with some specific breathing techniques depending on their body type would help greatly and a complete Detox may not be required.

Do I have to source some special ingredients and very expensive ingredients in the special foods?

Generally not required locally available foods and simple fair goes a long way it is more about synergizing the The Subtle effects of food with the individual body constitution.

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