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Most of us would have experienced some or the other form of skin infection at more than one point in our lifetime.

Skin is our outermost protective cover and most exposed organ, besides being the largest organ of the body. It automatically becomes very vulnerable.

Classical Western Medicine Types of Infection

There are many types of infections and infestations that can affect us:

Bacterial infections: usually give rise to painful BOILS, BLISTERS, REDNESS etc can affect the skin , hair and Nail. There may be pus, Fever , Pain etc

Viral Infections: Warts and molluscum are common examples, which look “warty”growths on the skin and are mostly non itchy. Viruses can indirectly affect the skin by Causing a Rash of different types on the full body.

Fungal Infections:- Most commonly affects the groin area and these days becoming increasingly difficult to treat. Fungal infections of the groin area and folds of the body and fungal infection of the Nails., fungal infection can also affect the Scalp and cause of itching inflammation and hair loss.

Parasitic:- Different types of mites and ticks can affect the skin, sometimes from pet animals and birds or from people who have the infections.

An example of the germs cause disease theory:

Koch’s postulates:

  • The microorganism must be found in abundance in all organisms suffering from the disease, but should not be found in healthy organisms.
  • The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.
  • The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.
  • The microorganism must be reisolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent.

There are many such theories each having their faults and merits, after lot of modern research they have been accepted and modified. BUT THEN THERE IS THE ALTERNATIVE VIEW

The Naturopathic view point of skin and other infections

The alternative system of medicine believes that the Infection will affect us , only if there is enough reason and opportunity for it to do so.

A skin infections treatment will set in only if the BED for the infection to grow is ready in us, It believes that if there is enough “Foreign matter” and toxic matter accumulation in the body only then the infection will set in. It is called the toxic matter principle.

It is verified by the face that despite many people getting the germs only a few get the infection or in worst cases some people don’t get the infection out of many, who have a better “immunity” or the bed is not ready for allowing infections to take over.

The Sparsh Solution

Despite the best available antibiotics and antifungals Bacterial and fungal infections are getting more and more difficult to treat every day.

We try and not only rely on treating infections with the best in modern evidence based medicine making use of latest in diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, but also try to induce a healthier body balance so as to augment the body’s innate healing ability and Immune response.

For Bacterial and Fungal infections while antibiotics and Antifungals are sparingly used, but used wherever indicated scientifically and along with that, treatments are also aimed to bring the body and causes for immune imbalance too into the prerogative of treatment.

Recurrent boils are treated only after proper evaluation of type and sensitivity of the infection causing bacteria. Modern lab tests are used and complete attempt is made to reduce recurrences as per principles of medicine, not only that, the Ayurveda associates give Calming and Cooling Therapies aimed at rooting out the causes bringing the “heatiness” of the body back in balance.

The Diet Is targeted specifically to take care of Urges and reduce binge eating , the Disease specific diets help in reducing inflammation in the body.

Massages are abstained from and only some types of foot /HIP-bath may be prescribed.

There are many such customisable solutions to problems available depending on the individual.

The same hold true for fungal infections also. Fungal infections also are becoming increasingly difficult to treat it has been found that many antifungals are failing in simple fungal infections of the groin and like jock itch.

Using the best available methods for treating Fungal infections may involve, use of fungal cultures and sensitivity in some cases.There are many scientifically proven combinations of oral and topical antifungal medicines available which are used to treat fungal infections but still recurrence maybe a systemic issue. For many patients weight management and diet regulation goes a long way.

The NATUROPATHS TAKE On this is That infection said to be due to poor circulation. They also encourage use of more natural clothing materials and clothes which permit more aeration of the areas along with one application to retard the growth of fungus.

For VIRAL INFECTIONS too there are many scientifically proven therapies to stimulate body’s defence chemicals to kill the viruses and some direct delivery of some medicines and even simple vitamin d delivered into the viral warts can help is the classical allopathic and some more evidence based treatments for viral infections. The ALTERNATE medicine physicians take on this is.

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