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Salicylic Acid Peel

Salicylic Acid Peel

Salicylic acid comes from a family of beta hydroxy acids like, the A.H.A or fruit acid family.There are generally of natural origin, and are chemically related to family of Inflammation reducing medicines like aspirin ets.When these compounds are used on the skin they have the following effects.


  1. Helping in loosening of dead skin cells and cell renewal.
  2. Kill acne causing germs.
  3. Reduce blockage in pores of skin and reduce black & white heads.
  4. They enhance penetration and efficiency of other medication.
  5. Reduce oiliness of skin.
  6. Help in treatment of many tough thick skin conditions,when used in a concentration of 3%-30%.

However we must always use this under the supervision of a doctor.Salicylic use may cause irritation,redness and sensitivity of skin in some persons.

An important factor to note here is that one must not use salicylic on large body areas in one go.

When using some of the products of salicylic for skin problems some “ WHITE FROST” may form on skin.Such appearance may be expected when higher supervision, and happens usually when higher concentrations  are used. Such appearance should not happen when using for self.

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