Profhilo and Skin Boosters Treatment

Profhilo and Skin Boosters Treatment

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The treatment called Profhilo, May turn out to be a game-changing treatment in the field of anti-ageing and aesthetic medicine.

The treatment is extremely simple and amongst the safest treatments in skilled hands, it is quick and easy to perform and almost anybody can get it done. There is hardly any downtime in the procedure so one can come and get the procedure done and resume work ASAP.

As far as results are concerned the results are almost immediate onset two noticeable results within a day or two. This is because Profhilo uses a unique blend of low and high molecular weight and Ronak assets to achieve a fast and sustainable result.

The real work however begins a few weeks after the injection that is due to the body's own stimulation of collagen and fibroblasts and other skin-renewing intermediaries that the body makes on its own.

For very damaged skins the treatment may have to be repeated within one month like a booster vaccine the same way we may need to stimulate the skin four weeks after the first shot and that goes a long way to help.

The areas and the indications for which Profhilo works range from sun damage that wrinkled skin changes of ageing in the skin, Acne scars aged and wrinkled necks. It also works for skin tightening. Profhilo is also infected in the back of the hands as it is the hands which give away the changes of ageing for a lot of people and not the face.

Profhilo or maybe combined with other treatments for improving skin texture pigment for Face Lifting contouring very safely and many treatments can be combined with it if needed very safely.

Why our team of doctors chooses profhilo and similar treatments is that it gives very natural and lasting results unlike the volumizing fillers which just add volume to the face and many a times if overdone give slightly unnatural or “overdone look”

Profhilo is different from the other generic skin boosters which may contain hyaluronic acid in low concentrations and also may have limited spread ability and limited longevity in the skin.

So if you are looking to get a refreshing and hydrating treatment for your skin, safely, effectively, scientifically and in the fastest possible way then you may like to connect with dermatologist near you.

Our skin doctors are proficient in in delivering Profhilo treatments with upgraded and unique techniques for best results. just drop a message or meet us at our Skin Clinics at Khan market and Gurgaon

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