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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy The Rasa Dhatu

In recent times PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) has gained lot of popularity for various skin rejuvenation and hair loss indications and PRP, at our centre is being done since 2010. Despite all the developments and better understanding and quantification of the amount of platelets and the growth factors obtained in the plasma there are still many questions that can be answered definitely. PRP for most indications still remains off-label but the kind of results it offers in some patients prompt its use.

Due to much better understanding of the method of PRP , we do various types of PRP

  1. The classical simple hard spin-soft spin platelet rich plasma treatment using platelets collected and processed at controlled temperature immediately at patient bed side
  2. The Activated or as some people have named it Advanced or A-PRP, we predominantly use to heal non healing wounds and ulcers, and not for routine dermatological use, but can be used for certain non responding patients.
  3. Plasmatherapy, simple and extremely safe with good results in most cases, using the complete plasma.

The Classical Western Approach

The classical medicine approach of PRP is based on the fact that there are many growth factors like fibroblast derived growth factor, platelet derived growth factor and many other growth factors which help in rejuvenation of the Skin and many other body tissues. All the cellular elements help in rejuvenation and replenishing the depleted elements. It has a stimulating effect on the collagen synthesis

PRP is not only used by dermatologists but it is also used by many other medical specialities like dentistry and orthopaedics. PRP is also being used for treatment of sports injuries. Activated Prp is also used to treat non-healing Activated PRP it’s also non-healing wounds and ulcers.

The Classical Ayurvedic Thought on PRP

In Ayurveda The plasma is considered as the primordial or the first element of formation which is called the rasa dhatu and is seated predominantly in the plasma which is responsible for the manufacturing directly and indirectly of all the other body tissue elements called dhatus.

It is believed that the Rasa dhatu helps in synthesis of Rakta/ blood muscle bone and other tissues which to some extent is agreeable in modern science also. Considering this fact, in ayurveda lot of emphasis is made on the fact of “blood purifyer” a better quality of serum is what is intended by using this misnomer, much frowned by us western medicine trained doctors.

In principle if an attempt is made at improving the quality of plasma the outcome of PRP may be better, than just counting the number and quantity of platelets and growth factors in that.

The sparsh Solution

We factor that in and let our associates do a harmless naturopathic detox aimed at better plasma quality and then plan a PRP or do the process alongside.

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