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Many skin problems are due to autoimmune imbalance like, urticaria, eczema, tendency to skin allergies and skin infections all happen due to an imbalance in immune activity. Immune cells are an important part of our blood, skin, liver and lymph organs.They protect us from infections and normally exist in a state of balance called homeostasis.

In this state the immune cells don’t attack each other & selectively attack the harmful germs and other allergens, If this state of balance is distubed then there may be an altered and undesirable reaction affecting our skin and other organs.This immune cells are known to make many chemicals to protect us. It is an alteration in these chemicals which may be a cause of skin allergies, Eczema and dermatitis like atopic dermatitis.

In the past the general trend what dermatologists were doing was of “Immunosuppression” Now with advancement in modular science of western medicine. We can use extremely specific medicines to bring the immune system back to balance without giving overall immunosuppression, Steroids are one example of causing immunosuppression.

Immunomodulation can be achieved by specific medicines like Secukinumab for psoriasis or Omalizumab for chronic urticaria and atopic dermatitis. These are called biological therapies. Etanercept is another example. In case of allergies desensitization treatment is an effective and safe option for many patients.

The Integrative medicine approach

The integrative medicine approach follows evidence based medicine and uses wherever and whenever western medicine is needed. But the overall attempt is to lower the medicine burden or reduce the pill burden.

As per principles of ayurveda the disturbance in homoeostasis may be due to emotional, psychological, dietary factors and the state of one's digestive system. The role of healthy microbial balance is only begun to be explored in western medicine.

Integrative medicine factors in all these causes as per the individuals nature and stage of disease and attempts a comprehensive solution to bring back the state of balance called homoeostasis.

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