Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal Imbalances

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Hormone Balance

What are the real reasons for hormonal imbalances?

There has been a lot said about hormonal imbalances and we all know the role of diet and lack of exercise dairy and similar factors. but it is easier said than done to change the lifestyle.

There are many factors beyond food like the health of gut flora, are emotional and psychological health the conscious and subconscious stress that we are facing quality of sleep Etc. All such factors play a major role in in the Polycystic ovarian syndrome.

All PCOD patients alike?

We at Sparsh believe that each patient is very individual and unique. No two patients can be the same, their eating habits, the psycho emotional state and everything else about the individual is in a constant state of flux. Therefore we try and customise treatments within the life style and the comfort zone of individual patients.

The treatment should be easy to follow and customised according to the person's routine.

The whole concept of following an integrated management program for a problem like PCOS is to reap the best of both the worlds whenever needed modern medical interventions and the benefits of time tested interventions using principles of naturopathy and clinical yoga.

In how much time can one see a significant improvement?

For improvement to be visible and percept aureal improvement time taken is varied depending on individual effort and complexity of the issue. sometimes when conservative treatment feels a little slower some aggressive hormonal management can be added for a short time. such interventions help not only in achieving good results but also reduce the overall pill burden on a patients.

Do I have to make significant changes in my diet?

Not for everybody, mostly significant, drastic changes in diet are not recommended; one should be comfortable following the diet plan and gradual change for a short time may significantly help.

We do not believe in forcing changes in diet and lifestyle they should be gradual and they should happen naturally.

Can breathing exercises meditation and yoga really help in managing my hormonal imbalances?

There are some scientifically established and clinically proven techniques for bringing the hormones to balance using such conservative methods. we try our best to incorporate evidence-based protocols only. But as said earlier, like every person, body, mind and it’s psycho emotional state is unique, the same way a little tweaking in the plan may be required.

The answer to this will be an absolute lias if the method is followed as per scientific approach.

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