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Sparsh – Integrative dermatology clinics was conceptualised and founded by Dr Aman Sharma and Dr Alpna Das Sharma, who are blessed to take forward the legacy of dedicated doctors in different fields from General physicians to Haematology, Surgery Urology and Ayurveda.

We believe in combining the best of modern dermatologic care and traditional Indian science of Naturopathy, Yoga, and Ayurveda to benefit and reach out to our patients from diverse backgrounds .We take utmost care to provide treatments as per current scientific and evidence based approaches.

From Our Patients

I am finally sending you some feedback about the "filler" for my lips that I had done in September. I have to admit, it is perfectly subtle. I was so afraid of "overdone", but it looks great.

Karan Ahuja

Happy with: Explanation of the health issue, Doctor friendliness. The cause is dealt with rather than prescribing medicines and ointments unnecessarily. The naturopathy approach helps in healing from within.



Dr Aman is a gem of a person, meet him for the first time, didn't feel as if I didn't know him. Gave me ample time and explained me step by step all procedure. I was taking antibiotics earlier for treatment and didnt cure in last 15 days, he suggested no antibiotic as of now gave me proper treatment saying these medicines should cure only if they don't then may consider antibiotic as last resort. He made me feel like a family doctor not a professional doctor who is just planning to make billing value. I strongly recommend him to everyone.



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