Allergies and Urticaria

Allergies and Urticaria

Dr. Sharma's Treatment For Allergies and Urticaria

Urticaria is a skin condition that appears as a raised, red, and itchy rash. It is a fairly common occurring and affects more than 30% of people at some time or the other in their lives. There are many ways for allergic urticarial treatment and the first step is to know the causes of the outbreak, for some, it includes exposure to an allergen like heat, cold, cosmetics; underlying health condition; or physical trigger such as pressure from clothing.

If you see any raised red rashes in your arms or legs or back, the best thing to do would be to find the best doctor for Urticaria in Delhi. Research has shown that why it occurs is still a big question, but it is due to a health or autoimmune condition.

Mostly there is no clear reason why hives occur, but they can last anywhere from one day to one month. If the hives result from an allergic reaction, it can be medically caused as a reaction to some antibiotics, some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, latex, food allergies, or chemicals in cosmetics and other skin products.

The first and foremost management of allergic urticarial is through oral and topical anti-allergic medications like antihistamines for immediate relief but at the same time, Immunotherapy & Immunomodulationcan be used for patients with chronic urticaria. There are biologicals which are special medications that are powerful and help in slowing or stopping any inflammation that can be damaging to the body.

  • Together with modern medicine, therapies integrate Ayurveda and naturopathic ways to manage urticarial and its correlation to our diet and poor gut health. The benefits of allergic and urticaria treatment are plenty and need not only be managed by drugs.
  • Herbomineral immunomodulation is one integrative medicine approach that helps manage urticarial appropriately with minimal to no use of steroids and avoiding hormonal medications.
  • Allergic urticaria treatment cost in India is affordable and does not burn a hole in the pocket as there are many non-medical methods to manage the rashes, as listed below:
  • The use of natural supplements to eat is one effective and easy way. What we eat can impact how we feel and what happens in our bodies. Urticaria can be caused by common foods such as nuts, eggs, milk, chocolate, berries, fish, soy, tomatoes, and wheat. On the other hand, diet modifications to add foods that are low in histamines can help manage the symptoms, such foods include vegetables, pasta, fresh meat, rice, bread, and dairy products.
  • Be it medical or integrative treatment, any persistent rash can be cured and managed successfully with sustained and long-term treatments that use the best of both sciences.


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