Skin Infections

Skin Infections

Dr. Sharma's Treatment For Skin Infections

Skin infections can be medically treated by any dermatologist near you. These infections can spread by just a small cut or wound in the skin, some can even go deeper and cause life-threatening infections.


Our environment and surroundings are filled with germs like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites which are the main causes of skin infections. Those who are at a higher risk of skin infection have:

  •         poor circulation
  •         diabetes
  •         immune system disease
  •         weakened immune system because of pre-existing medical conditions or are on medications that suppress your immune system
  •         paralysis or are limited in mobility and are bedridden
  •         malnourishment


The symptoms presenting with a skin infection depend entirely on the type of infection and the area of infection. The most common symptoms are itching, swelling, redness, rashes, pain, and pus.


How can you diagnose your skin infections?

Skin infections like any other illness need to be diagnosed by a professional healthcare physician who can identify the type of infection and provide the best treatment available for it. Tests might also need to be done which will include skin culture, swabs, biopsy, or blood tests.



How can you treat skin infections?

Skin infection treatment depends on the type of infection and how widespread it is. Some infections tend to go away on their own but others might need minimal treatment using a cream or lotion to put on the skin. Other more intense infections might require treatment with medicines or a small localized procedure.

Anti-infectives are medicines that work for preventing or treating infections. These include antivirals, antibacterials, antifungals, and antiparasitic drugs. Anti-infective therapy calls for a higher level of care and has better therapy treatment responses.

Benefits of anti-infective therapy aim at providing seamless support at every step of the way, and for us, at Dr. Sharma’s Clinic, every patient deserves a safe and fully customized care plan which suits the needs of each patient.

Detox has now become a new FAD in the world. It is an overused term but ‘full body detox’ is now a wellness movement and trend. Detox, in its most basic term, means to remove toxins from your body by bringing about changes in your diet, lifestyle, and environment. These toxins can be physical or emotional as well. Detoxification for your skin is an attempt to oust the dirt and grime and remove all bad and impure stuff that is clogging your pores.

Food and what you eat has also proven to have evidence-based nutritional support for the skin and get the immune system to fight the infection.

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Having a good skincare routine is very necessary for good and lively skin. Here is a basic routine that you can follow for glowing and healthy skin:

  •         Cleanse and moisturize your exposed skin (face, neck, and arms) in the morning and at bedtime.
  •         Use a toner to help close the pores.
  •         Use an SPF every morning when you go out.
  •         Add exfoliation to your routine, at least do it once a week as it helps in removing the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.
  •         And don’t forget retinoids – as they help in making your skin look firm.
  •         Limit foods and drinks that trigger skin flare-ups.
  •         Stay hydrated


It is important to break resistance in germs as it is accelerated when there is the presence of antibiotics and antifungals which kill the germs that cause infections, but they also kill the good germs that protect our body from infection. The antibiotic-resistant germs survive and keep multiplying.


At Sparsh Clinic, their well-known Dermatologists in Delhi help their patients in providing efficient skin infection Ayurvedic treatment along with other modern medicine treatment options such as skin infection fungal treatment at an affordable price.


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