Sexual and Genital concerns

Sexual and Genital concerns

Dr. Sharma's Treatment For Sexual and Genital concerns

In India, even decades after the millennium, the orthodox mindset is refraining youngsters and elders alike to speak about or discuss it, even with their doctors. Our society has stigmatized ‘sex’ and anything and everything under the sun related to it.

Ways that STDs and STIs spread:
· Fluid Bonding: A safety circle with just you and your partner is safe, but if you are in an open relationship, extending the fluid bond without getting your new partner tested, can be a cause for the infection.
· Medicine or Vaccine Preventatives: Conditions like HPV and HIV can be controlled and prevented by vaccinations and medications.
· Barrier Methods: These are easy and commonly known ways of preventing the spread of bodily fluids from one person to another. The usual method includes using condoms.
Keeping things pointed right (PUN intended), sexually transmitted diseases treatment should not be avoided, it is easy and affordable.

Psychosexual Intervention is a specialist assessment and treatment that helps in uncovering all forms of sexual dysfunctions. Such specialist treatments are provided for erectile dysfunction, premature or other ejaculatory disorders, orgasmic difficulties, problems with libido, etc.

There are many tell-tale sexual and genital disease symptoms like bumps on the genitals or oral area, urinary infection, abnormal discharge and odor from the vagina or penis, pain during sex, and lower abdominal pain. You can look for the best sexual and genital doctor in Delhi who can manage your condition.

Consult Dr. Sharma For Sexual and Genital concerns

At Sparsh Clinic, you can get sexual and genital treatment specialists who use not only modern medicine but integrate an approach with Ayurveda therapies like Vajikarana Therapy to manage defective semen and provide sexual potencification.

Vajikarana promotes sexual performance and also improves physical and psychological health and is an effective way of stress management. In yesteryears, it was routine practice to take aphrodisiacs before sexual intercourse, the idea behind it was to improve the quality of sexual enjoyment. This therapy helps in sexual dysfunctions such as infertility, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

The sexual and genital treatment cost in India is low and there are many doctors who are experts in managing these conditions with integrative medicine. Dr. Sharma’s Clinic is best for sexual and genital treatment in Delhi. Their experienced and trained specialists are adept at treating sexual disorders without making you feel uncomfortable or bad about yourself.


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