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How many times a day do you touch your face and feel the bounce of it go away? In this digital era where everyone looks young with skin that is tight, flawless, and glowing – one may wonder what products can they rely on to achieve the same results. While you have the option to keep using cosmetic products, switching to long-term solutions like loose skin surgery in India with proven cost-effective treatments like MNRF vivace and HIFU can help you achieve the best results.

What is Skin Sagging and Laxity?

Our skin is made up of many layers of skin and tissue. As years pass by, the building blocks of our skin slowly deteriorate, ultimately resulting in our skin lacking its fullness and thus becoming loose.

2 major components that keep skin extremely supple are collagen and elastin. The role of collagen is to provide much-needed hydration to the skin and elasticity. Elastin is also a protein that acts like a spring. It helps maintain elasticity and tightness of the skin. The lack of these components is what results in skin laxity.

What causes Skin Sagging and Laxity?

 As we age, the speed at which our skin cells grow becomes slower, resulting in the skin to sag.

Primarily there are 2 phenomena due to which skin sags include less production and more destruction of collagen and elastin. Our bodies with age stop producing these vital elements. However, these proteins are further damaged by external factors such as

  • UV exposure
  • pollutants in the environment, including smoke from the cigarette
  • Poor nutrition and excess consumption of alcohol including other lifestyle factors

These factors expedite the ageing process which in turn impacts the health of the skin.

Moreover, weight loss may also result in drooping skin. Losing a significant amount of weight causes rapid fluctuations in weight. The body is not able to cope with this sudden shift since carrying extra weight for a large period of time ruins the proteins. When the skin cannot create a proper balance in the protein levels, it droops the skin down which is called sagging.

Pregnancy also causes saggy loose skin. Our skin expands with weight gain and once the skin is stretched, it is fairly difficult to get it back to its original shape. Often, women who carry twins and more see more sagging around their abdomen.

At Sparsh Clinic, we have top plastic surgeons who perform modern Loose Skin Surgery in India like facial treatments to tighten skin and laser surgery for skin that has no downtime and immediate results.

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What Dermatological Treatment Is Required For Sagging and Laxity?

Finding a dermatologist that can guide you in the right direction regarding sagging skin treatments is extremely important. We, at Sparsh Clinic, recommend a cocktail of treatments depending on the skin type and degree of issue.

Clearskin and Clearlift Therapy

Using the

combined therapy of clearskin and clearlift enables skin rejuvenation as it pumps in collagen that helps deal with skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles etc.


 In this procedure, temporary sutures are put in to show a subtle “lift” in the skin. The technique is such that it pulls the skin back slightly and thus shows a lift and tightening in the face.

Our body triggers a healing response anytime there is any ailment on the surface level, thus resulting in large surges of collagen being directed to the treated areas

Classic Facelift

 A Classic or a Full Facelift is a combination of an upper, mid, and lower facelift. Such a procedure is recommended for people who have visible ageing on their faces. The best part about a Classic Facelift at Sparsh is that the technique used is so good, one won’t be able to say you have gotten a facelift.

Targeted Radiofrequency and Ultrasonic Therapies

This is an energy device-based therapy. It focuses on making the skin more bright, tight and youthful by stimulating collagen and energising it skin from within. This helps control the skin sagging and prevents it from becoming any worse.

Liquid Face Lift

 This is recommended to those who only fewer wrinkles and very little sagging. Since the ageing on the face is mild, going ahead with a liquid facelift which is nonsurgical is the better option since it has lesser downtime. In this, the surgeon will inject dermal fillers into the skin to reduce the sagging.

At Sparsh Clinic, we aim to combat skin laxity by focusing on anti-sagging treatments that induce collagen in the skin and result in skin regeneration. Using proven treatments like MNRF Vivace and HIFU for skin firming is a top choice for our doctors.

Moreover, many people prefer treatments that are lunchtime procedures i.e minimal to zero recovery time and show immediate results within 1-3 sessions. Thus, relying on the Alma Harmony Aesthetic Laser for zero downtime to Clearlift the skin for firming is a popular choice.

time. For quick results, use APTOs or PDO threads for immediate lifting in the thread lift procedure. World Class Plastic Surgeons who aim to make the patient comfortable and confident are skilled in surgical and non-surgical procedures for sagging skin treatment and facial treatments to tighten skin.

Loose skin surgery cost in India varies depending on the condition of the skin, what treatment route is taken and how frequently you visit your dermatologist. However, these sagging skin treatments turn out to be very cost-effective in the long run due to their exceptional results.

At Sparsh Skin Clinic, we treat skin after thoroughly assessing the skin type and condition. We aim to construct facial treatments that are practical, easy to follow and give excellent results. Connect with us today and let us help give you the glow that your skin deserves, all while using state-of-the-art technology.

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