Rosacea and Sensitivity

Rosacea and Sensitivity

Dr. Sharma's Treatment For Rosacea and Sensitivity

Apart from the redness, other symptoms that you might feel are burning sensations in the affected areas, skin dryness, and localized swelling.


Getting Rosacea treatment by a dermatologist near you is very important. Of all the conditions, Rosacea, if not treated properly, can get worse and become permanent.


Research by physicians have shown that there is no known cause that can be of help in early prediction and outbreak of Rosacea but some factors which can lead to it are:


  •         Genetics
  •         Skin Sensitivity – Sun, mites, weather, and cosmetics
  •         Bacteria – Some healthy bacteria that live in the digestive systems can cause an unwanted increase in the digestive hormones which can also make your skin flushed.


Rosacea does not have a permanent cure, but there are modern medicine and Ayurveda treatments that can help manage the condition and its common symptoms of redness, swelling, skin dryness, and bumps.


A Rosacea treatment plan usually takes a few weeks to start working and months for the skin to start showing improvement. These might include medicines like:

  •         Gels to tighten the blood vessels and decrease the swelling and redness in the face and affected areas.
  •         Antibiotics kill the bacteria and bring down the swelling and redness.
  •         Topical creams like Ivermectin are used especially to treat Rosacea.


Most dermatologists in India recommend small procedures for conventional comprehensive rosacea management, such as:

  •         Lasers that can be used in rosacea are vascular lasers that target the blood vessels and use intense light that gets absorbed by the red blood cells which then heats up and gets rid of the blood vessels.
  •         Dermabrasion is the process of removing the top layer of the skin and keeping the new skin soft and maintained well.
  •         Electrocautery passes an electrical current into the vessels which then clots and closes the vessels.

Nonmedical management of Rosacea means using alternative methods or using an integrative medicine approach to heal the skin, these include:

  1. Alkalising Therapy – It is a diet that is rich in Alkaline and helps in maintaining the acidic level in your gut. It is more commonly known as upper and lower gut detox to the next generation. The diet emphasizes consuming more items that have a good hydrogen potential (pH) as it is one of the key elements required for skin cell regeneration and is found in a lot of vegetables, fruits, and water. It is also a very healthy alternative for those having sensitivity to light treatment.
  2. Rosacea diet includes consuming lots of water, fruits, and vegetables, and eating a high-fiber diet with raw or lightly steamed vegetables and whole grains that can give your body the essential nutrients that are required. You should also avoid milk products, fried foods, spicy foods, and alcohol.
  3. Red light therapy – Light treatment for Rosacea has been increasingly gaining recognition by physicians and skin health experts in Delhi as a safe and natural way to treat many skin conditions including rosacea.

Consult Dr. Sharma For Rosacea and Sensitivity

For those who are looking for rosacea treatment for sensitive skin and have had not much success with medications and topicals, Nasya therapy suggested by Ayurveda physicians purifies all organs above the neck and helps remove vitiated doshas. The benefits of Nasya treatment are that it helps to strengthen the skin and create a more balanced effect on the body.

We at Sparsh Clinic have over the years gained expertise in the management of Rosacea and all physicians at Dr. Sharma’s skincare center work together with an integrative approach to helping you overcome the condition.



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