Fungal Infections

Fungal Infection

Dr. Sharma's Treatment For Fungal Infections

We can get a fungal infection for various reasons. It can be by breathing it along with air(systemic fungal infections), contact with skin, or by eating food. It is curable through fungal infections treatment in Delhi. You can get a fungal infection on your skin in areas like nails, foot, vagina, hair, and skin, these are called superficial infections, or superficial mycosis, Fungal infection on the skin is mostly harmless and you can get it treated easily. It can cause great discomfort and some complications.

It is essential to understand that you can inhale it without catching the infection, and there is mostly no need to be paranoid. However, if your immunity is weak, you might get an infection of the lungs by inhaling it. A strong immune system works with its mechanism of not getting affected by the fungal infection. But if your immune system is not strong, it can be dangerous. If you are under medication or hospitalized or suffer from HIV/AIDS your immunity is weak and you can catch the infection easily. If the fungal infection gets into your blood or lung or any organ it is a “systemic” infection and it is quite dangerous. In case you get such an infection you should immediately get a specialist opinion.


Fungal Resistance May be Due to Four Important Reasons

  • The conditions on skin are right and ripe for fungal overgrowth- So lets make it more hostile for fungus to grow and survive. Some basic tools are included in the kit. Some simple practices may help
  • The fungus has become resistant to routine medicines due to low dosing, improper manufacturing quality of anti fungal medicines, or due to misuse i.e off and on use of medicines. Abusing steroid creams may also be a cause.
  •  Immunity low due to stress and metabolic factors. If ones insulin levels are fluctuating and diet is heavy on carbs, all may be a contributing factor.
  •  Deficiency of important nutrients- Deficiency of important minerals like iron, zinc, copper etc. and deficiency of vitamin E, D and other vitamins may be a big contributing cause

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The common types of Fungal Skin Infections are mentioned below:

The most common type of fungal infection is Tinea. It is a common group under which skin infections related to fungi are categorized. It can affect your body parts like feet, groin, armpits, the area under breasts, and scalp. It is contagious and can spread from the infected person to the healthy person. If you catch such infection through touch, using the same swimming pool with the infected person, using the same bathroom or locker room, etc. you should take medical help. It can be treated under the hospital and clinical setups offering fungal infections treatment in Delhi. According to the Alternative Medicine school of thought, there are other factors like stress and diet which play a big role in causing fungal infections to establish in the body. A very high glycemic index diet is a known aggravating factor for fungal infections. Also if the skin flora is diverse and healthy it may reduce the chances of getting fungal infections.

So it is not an only fungus but many factors surrounding it.

Tips for fighting and knowing for dealing with fungal skin problems:-
  • Avoid the use of tight and synthetic clothing
  • Avoid the use of washing machines if diagnosed with fungal infections
  • After the bath, dry the areas properly and keep the area moisturized but dry.
  • Avoid excessive intake of sugary and starchy foods.
  • Avoid binge eating and binge drinking.

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