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Vita - Age Gocce Pure

30 ml


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The exclusive concentrated active ingredients of the Vita age Gocce Pure Hyaluronic Acid with Avocado Oil by Bottega Di Lungavita are useful for deeply moisturising the skin, lifting, restoring the correct function of the skin barrier, providing tone and firmness and reducing visage roughness. The drops are composed of pure hyaluronic acid, in three forms that are highly bioavailable at different molecular weights: The low molecular weight has a filling effect, penetrates the skin, retains water, dilates and pushes upwards the wrinkled furrow, stretching the skin and increasing its firmness. The medium and high molecular weight creates a ‘film’ on the skin that guarantees a lasting water retention on the surface and, in synergy with the Fucogel sugars, it performs a water capture activity also.The pure avocado oil nourishes and gives elasticity to the skin’s tissues.



30 ml




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