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Uv Sun 26+ Sunscreen Lotion

75 ml


Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Zinc & Titanium Dioxide (in micro crystal form), Biosaccharides and Vitamin-E….

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When it comes to protection against sun damage most sun screens offer only the protection but none of them offer to repair the prior damage done by the UV rays. UvSun 26+ is the best sun screen lotion for body with 2 in 1 action that not only ensures broad spectrum photo protection with its unique formulation of chemical and physical sunscreens but also restores the sun damaged skin with its moisturizing soothing and anti-inflammatory action of Biosaccharide and therefore scores over the other available sunscreen brands. Look no further as your search for best sun screen lotion for face and body that provides sun protection and repairs damaged skin ends with UvSun 26+.



75 ml


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