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Retilift Cream

30 g


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In today’s modern society every one yearns to look young and wants to defy the age old adage “growing old gracefully”. Ageing is something that is inevitable but the perpetual desire to defy it often draws the individual’s attention towards the OTC driven anti-aging concoctions that do more harm than good. Although Aging is a chronological process but it is accelerated by environmental pollution photo exposure stress and junk food towards early appearance of wrinkles fine lines and age spots. Extended exposure to UV rays primarily from sun light leads to photo ageing while exposure to air and particle pollution too contribute to skin aging and pigmentation. Stress and junk food too contribute their part in early appearance of aging signs. To effectively counter the early aging process only a scientifically formulated anti aging cream can provide recourse which can reverse the effect of aging accelerators. Retilift – a triple defense system against ageing eye contour care and wrinkles is the best anti aging cream that offers quick and commendable results. Retinol intensive combination of free radical quenchers in Retilift work on molecular level to normalize cell turnover thus ensuring protection against photo-aging specifically wrinkles fine lines age spots and loss in elasticity. Retilift the best anti wrinkle cream not only accelerates collagen production but also exerts potent antioxidant effect that neutralizes free radicals generated by UV exposure and pollution thus reversing ageing signs.



30 g


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