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Mesopeel Latic 40 %


50 ml pH 1.8 Transparent fluid gel Indications: ·· Preparatory peeling · dull skin · very superficial expression lines and wrinkles · suitable for the periocular area · improves the appearance of stretch marks Recommendations: Ideal before mesotherapy treatments with mesohyal

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Lactic acid has powerful moisturizing properties and is the main component of natural skin protection. Lactic acid is alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), which breaks the protein bridges between the corneocytes, releasing them, thereby reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum. It stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and glucosaminoglycans, which make up the dermal matrix. Lactic acid has a pronounced moisturizing effect, due to the involvement of water molecules in the stratum corneum. It stimulates the synthesis of ceramides, models and strengthens the barrier functions of the skin.





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