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Menarini India Pvt. Ltd.

Melalumin Ultra Depigmenting Cream

20 g

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All Day Usage Cream For Skin Brightening, Radiance & Glow
For Women, Men
Organic Type: Natural

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Melalumin Cream contains Niacinamide, Arbutin, CosmeVitDCx, Alpha melight, Microfine Titanium Dioxide as active ingredients. – Melalumin cream helps to lighten the skin tone and minimizes pigmentation problems naturally. – Provides nourishment & Leaving Skin healthy and luminous. Topical depigmenting agents work in different ways to inhibit melanogenesis (the pigmentation pathway by which cells produce melanin). Some agents cause reversible depigmentation and some cause irreversible depigmentation. These agents are applied on the skin, on the affected area to treat hyperpigmentation.It provides nourishment Leaving Skin healthy and luminous. How to use: First wash face with good cleanser and apply the cream the cream. Apply twice daily for better results.



20 g


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