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Dc Extra Gentle Shampoo

100 ml


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Delicate hair is normal hair affected by various types of aggression. Its balance must be maintained by:
Using nourishing products for this hair type, to pour add resistance, shine and suppleness.
Minimizing damage caused by repeated washing.
When we wash our hair, we remove not only dirt, but a large amount of sebum. This is called detergency. Repeated use of an overly aggressive formula is damaging to the hair and increases its fragility and its capacity to retain impurities. It is therefore recommended to use the gentlest shampoo possible for frequent or daily use.
Ducray Extra Gentle Shampoo can be used by the entire family. This shampoo has a gentle formula that protects the scalp and tames the hair, restoring strength, beauty and shine. Its biodegradable formula is designed to minimize environmental impact.



100 ml




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