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Fixderma Cosmetic Laboratories

Bioteez - S Anti Dandruff Conditioner

75 g


Conditioner with anti dandruff properties.
Clarifies and moisturizes hair without drying it out.
Helps strengthen the hair cuticle and purify the scalp.
Reduces hair breakage and improves hair management.
Dual efficacy, repair and nourishment in one go.

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Bioteez-S: Anti-Dandruff Conditioner by Fixderma is a nourishing conditioner that does so much more than just treat dandruff, it actually restores the health of both hair and scalp. Gupt is Biotiz-S exclusive formula that combines an anti-dandruff ingredient with Active Natural Nourishing Oat Complex. This formula works quickly to soothe and moisturize dry, itchy scalp to help control the symptoms of dandruff, while also nourishing damaged hair into a healthy life. Hair will be left feeling silky, conditioned and more manageable for styling. Controls the symptoms of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.



75 g


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