Sparsh Skin Clinic

Solution of Derma

Actame Facewash

70 g


For Men & Women
Gel Based
For Oily Skin, All Skin Types
Applied For: Nourishment & Moisturization, Anti-ageing, Anti-acne & Pimples, Deep Cleansing
Comes in Tube

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Treats stubborn acne and acne marks. Its effective formula cleanses the skin from deep within and helps in removal of spots left after the formation of acne Sunlight contains harmful UV rays that are widely known to cause acne and sun burn. Actame C Facewash has natural ingredients like Tea Tree oil which has proven effects to treat sunburn and related issues Helps soothe your skin from minor cuts or small insect bites. Aloe Vera extracts has properties that heals wounds from skin cuts and helps relieves irritation caused due to skin cuts



70 g


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