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Acnin Face Pack

50 g

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Aqua, Keoliene, Bentonite (Fuller`s Earth), Glycerin, Zinc Oxide…

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Did you know that the root cause of acne is excess sebum secretion aggravated by hormonal changes stress to lack of sleep food habits and the environment? Usually, face washes and anti-acne medications take superficial care by washing away the excess sebum and inhibiting bacterial growth. However, for complete acne care, a Face pack is an essential adjunct that helps by hydrating the skin removes excess sebum and improves the appearance of the facial skin by exfoliating the dead skin and tightens the pores. Face packs don’t just offer results that improve the overall appearance of skin but they also provide therapeutic support to alleviate the acne. Look forward to a holistic approach in acne management with best anti-acne face pack – Acnin Face Pack. Acnin anti-acne face pack is formulated in a ready-to-use cream base that offers multifaceted action for safe & effective skin exfoliation. It suppresses the sebum secretion with bentonite and kaolin while enhanced antibacterial activity is provided with Quarternium-73 a natural antibacterial. Aloe and Glycerin hydrate & rejuvenate the facial skin that instils confidence. Acnin face pack for pimples and acne exhibits instant results from the very first application.



50 g


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