Botox is considered to be the modern method of cosmetic treatment to improve the facial appearance among most of the adults. Botox  is also used effectively to treat bacterial infections.

Benefits of Botox in Anti-Aging Treatment

Botox has gained popularity as a fleeting and superficial method for treatment. This is used to improve the appearance of scars. However, it has been  proven that Botox can be beneficial to treat changes on the skin   related to aging such as frown lines and wrinkles.

The drug plays a significant role to improve the quality of the skin of a patient. Botox  remains effective for about 5-6 months and plays an effective role in lowering the severe deep wrinkles.

Injection method of Botox

  • The treatment is only a few minutes long.
  • A patient can decide to take the Botox while consulting the treating doctor.
  • A physician might recommend using the anesthetic cream on the skin before the injection process.
  • Botox gets injected directly in the facial muscle.
  • A patient can even get back to work after this.

Advantages of Botox as a treatment modality on the face

  • The injections are not only effective but also safe to use if performed by the a trained physician of Botox in Delhi.
  • The treatment works as a natural protein and makes the facial muscles feel relaxed.
  • No doubt, Botox is known to be the most famous method to remove wrinkles.
  • After the treatment, wrinkle reduction makes the face look fresh and natural.

Risks involved with the treatment

If performed by an experienced doctor, Botox in Delhi is a reliable and safe method for the patients. However, some of the risks involved when the drug is administered poorly include:

  • Puffiness or swelling around the affected area.
  • Pain where the injection is injected.
  • Little muscle bruising while receiving the treatment.
  • Occassionally, flu or mild headache.

Things to avoid before the treatment

One day before the injection of Botox in Delhi, avoid doing strenuous physical exercises. Don’t consume drugs or other herbal drinks or preparations. Ensure to check with the doctor regarding the drugs prescribed and lifestyle changes involving diet, drinking, smoking etc.


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